Naavalan Musta - first litter plan winter 2016/2017

First litter was born 6.2.2017, 3 males (1 tervueren) and 4 females. All puppies are reserved.

3.1.2017 Ruuti had ultrasound today and she will have pups.

7.12.2016 Ruuti has been mated by Udo and puppies will be ready for their new homes at the end of March. It is possible to have also tervueren pups. I expect pups will be excellent for different dog sports e.g. Agility, Obedience, search and tracking! I will sell pups for active homes.


Mother, Eloisa Sinko, Ruuti - is mixed line female, who has excellent working motivation. She really wants to work!
Ruuti's mother Pixi (mixed line) is import from Canada by Ruuti's breeder Erja Juvakka. Pixi's father, Blazer, is one of the most successful belgians in Agility in USA.
Ruuti's father Jack is one of the exceptional groenendaels who has made IPO3 in Finland.
Ruuti's siblings and half siblings from Eloisa S, P and R litters have proved good working abilities in different dog sports.


Father, Udo des Crétuz Neufs, is mixed line import from Swizerland. His mother is working line tervueren Kaly des Crétuz Neufs and father is mixed line groenendael Rex du Champ Boulet. Rex has excellent results in French Ring.
Udo is one of the successful sport groenendael in Finland or maybe the most. Udo has will to please so and he is easy to train.

Udo has one litter for kennel Willow Creek. Mother is Willow Creek Missy and litter was born 24.2.2014. Pups have functional capacity and they really are innovative so very promising sport dogs.



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